Spectrum Connection CIC provides in-home early intervention based on the Developmental, Individual-difference, Relationship-based/Floortime (DIR/Floortime) model.

This model posits that the causes of autism are wide and varied, but at their core involve differences in information (including sensory) processing; difficulties with emotional regulation and recognition; difficulties with social interaction and resultant learning; as well as motor and attentional differences. The acronym represents the pillars of the approach. It is developmental and focuses on the child’s individual differences in the aforementioned areas, aiming for intervention to be individually designed based on that child’s current developmental level, whilst having a clear pathway for further social-emotional development. Intervention is carried out in the context of a strong and positive relationship with a child.

The DIR/Floortime method involves evaluating a child’s sensory, motor, and cognitive strengths and needs, and their social-emotional developmental level. The intervention involves joining and engaging a child in their natural interests and motivations in order to form a close relationship with the child, increasing the child’s social motivation to interact through the use of emotion, and ultimately challenging a child to engage in increasingly complex interactions and promoting development across multiple domains. There are six primary social-emotional stages, termed ‘Functional Emotional Developmental Capacities’ (FEDCs), which children typically pass through from birth to 42 months. The categories are broad, and do not involve specific behaviours but overall patterns of development. Intervention is implemented mostly in the moment, through spontaneous interactions, and is primarily child-led.

Sessions will also incorporate other methods of intervention, specifically the SCERTS model, TEACCH model, PECS and Intensive Interaction. Sessions will take place on a weekly basis and last at least two hours.

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